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    《 向往的星居 》

    1、和人气明星袁姗姗合作完成了一个三代五口之家的华丽变身。成为本季节目的热门看点,备受精英阶层关注。 2、很多的都市精英都有一些使用多年的房产,功能和空间风格完全不符合当下使用和审美,但不知怎么使用或改造才能发挥房屋的最大价值。本案通过巧妙的设计让房屋在不同的阶段都能实现功能最大化,无论是五年、十年还是二十年之后都能够物尽其用。 3、因为家里有小朋友未来还可能再添丁。因此空间打破千篇一律的黑白灰配色,选用了暖色调让空间温情并充满希望。



    《 Yearning House of Stars 》

    1.The project cooperates with famous star Yuan Shanshan to design a house for a three-generation family with five members. This is the focus concerned by elites in the full season. 2.Many urban elites have some houses in use for years, but the functions and spatial styles of these houses are completely improper for contemporary aesthetics. Moreover, they do not know how to use or create the space to exert its maximum values. Through subtle design, this project maximizes the functions of house in different stages so that people can still live in them even in five, ten or twenty years. 3.The family has a child, and possibly another one years later. Therefore, it forsakes conventional black, white and gray combinations, but chooses warm colors to make the room more warm and encouraging.

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