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    DOES 选择以现代的简明线条勾勒,打造非惯性法式居所,让现代法式新生。

    This is a modern French model room. DOES chose to use modern concise lines to create non-inertia French residences, and to rejuvenate modern French.



    A lot of modern classic furniture and artwork are added to the design, which adds a beautiful sense of living ritual, and also makes the space more vivid and layered. The choice of furniture and furnishings fully considers the integrity of the space.




    The functional layout of the spatial layout that fits the modern lifestyle, with the modern frame as the theme, a strong sense of space and three-dimensionality, the entire space is transparent and atmospheric.




    Where the boundaries of the spaces meet, while the space and the space are interlinked, the space style is more unified and harmoniously decorative, and then a sensuous and transcendental life style emerges in front of you, free and comfortable.


    在功能和使用上做到了极大的协调, 摒弃了过于复杂的肌理与装饰,简化线条,以其优雅而唯美的姿态诠释现代法式的概念。

    A great coordination in function and use has made the entire space shining. Abandon the overly complicated texture and decoration, simplify the lines, and interpret the concept of modern French with its elegant and beautiful attitude.



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